Toddler, Kids Game Rentals for parties

Going to an event can be challenging if all the rides and games are only to be used by the older kids and adults. The games shown below will remedy that problem! From Ball Ponds, Bouncers & Multi-Activities, Games, Rides, to Mini-Cars rentals, these games designed and dedicated purely for the toddlers enjoyment!

Kiddie Bouncer Game Rentals

Little Builders
(19’W x 18.5’L x 8’H)

Toddler Bouncer Jumpy Rentals Toronto

My Little Farm
(19’W x 16’L x 8’H)

Multi-Activity Rentals Toronto

Animal Kingdom
(17’W x 17.5’L x 9’H)

Jumpy Castle Rentals Toronto

Candy Playland
(18.5’W x 16’L x 10’H)

Mini Circuit Cars, Battery Cars

Mini Cars
with boundary
(mini-circuit ATV’s)

Toy Rocker Rentals

Toy Rockers
hard plastic
(5yrs and under)

Ball Pond Rentals Toronto

Inflated Ball Pond
max children = 8
(11′ x 11′ x 8’H)

Duck Pond, Fish Pond Rentals Toronto

Duck Pond