Inflatable Slides for Rent Deliver Top Notch Fun!

inflatable-slides-for-rentParty games are all well and good, but they’re old hat even for younger children. Why not opt for something a bit more enjoyable? Redline Promotions offers a broad selection of inflatable slides for rent, and you’re sure to find the perfect option for your budget and gathering. Whether you’re celebrating your son’s eighth birthday or in charge of planning your local fall festival, an inflatable slide for rent brings hours of fun and enjoyment.

Redline Promotions offers almost every imaginable theme, style and configuration of inflatable slide for rent. You’ll find the Accelerator, giving your guests a burst of speed. The Double Splash combines the enjoyment of an inflatable slide with the fun of water, as does the Polar Plunge. Our Heavy Hauler inflatable is a Tonka dump truck themed slide sure to please kids of all ages, and our Lil’ Splash slide is perfect for smaller kids.

If you want to really ramp up the fun, consider our inflatable slides for rent like The Kraken, featuring a sinking sailing ship and an arm-waving monstrosity from the deep. Our Wave Slide and Tropical Island Slide bring the warmth and fun of tropical shores to your party.

Of course, Redline Promotions offers more than just inflatable slides for rent. We carry a full line of inflatable bounce houses and bouncy castles, as well as games and carnival fun. Whatever your next event might be, we have the best options to ensure that every guest has fun. Contact us today to learn more about your choices. 416-284-0388