Inflatable Party Rentals Give Your Next Party the Kick It Deserves

inflatable-party-rentalsPlanning a birthday party? Maybe you’re planning a fundraiser and need something for the kids to do. Maybe you’re planning a block party. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and so are your options in inflatable party rentals. When you rent inflatable toys, you give your party the kick it truly deserves. What sort of inflatables might you find?

At Redline Promotions, we’re proud to offer a full line of inflatable party rentals. We have a wide selection of bouncy castles for kids – they range from Disney themed castles to ball pits and everything in between. Of course, we have more than just bouncy castles. Our selection of inflatable party rentals also includes a host of inflatable obstacles courses for a challenging, fun time for all kids at your event. We’ve also got a range of inflatable slides and inflatable castle/slide combo units as well.

Our selection of inflatable party rentals also includes things you might not think of immediately. In addition to that bouncy castle, why not add inflatable toys like our selection of fun games? Bungee run is an all-time favorite, but we also have jousting, the wrecking ball game, sumo wrestling, football games, baseball games and tons of other options to fit any crowd and any theme.

Contact Redline Promotions today by calling us at 877-234-3163 to discuss your needs in inflatable party rentals. We have everything you need to ensure that your next party is as fun and memorable as possible. You’ll also find we carry other party rentals, including tables and chairs, food equipment and more.