Dora Birthday Party Supplies – Fun and Adventure

When it comes to childhood favorites, Dora is extremely popular. Her hit show Dora the Explorer is viewed by millions of kids around the world, including right here in the GTA. If your daughter is a fan, then Dora birthday party supplies might provide a great touch for her next party. Redline Promotions can offer a full range of Dora birthday party supplies and rentals to ensure that her big day is as fun and adventurous as possible.

Redline Promotions offers a full range of Dora birthday party supplies. We can offer plates, cups, napkins, balloons, streamers, wall decorations, party novelties for other guests and a great deal more. Add color, flair and adventure to any location, whether you’re having the party at your home, or at another venue.

Of course, our Dora birthday party supplies go beyond the basic – we can even offer inflatables and other party supplies to make sure your daughter has the most memorable, adventurous birthday ever. We can supply any of a number of adventure and jungle-themed bounce houses, inflatable slides and slide/bounce combos. We’ve even got obstacle courses that can tie right in with your Dora the Explorer theme.

At Redline Promotions, we believe in being a full-service party rental supplier, and that means going beyond the fun and exciting rental options. We have tables and chairs, food service and food prep equipment, and more. If you’ll be having your daughter’s birthday party outdoors, we can offer a range of tent rentals, from small tents to very large affairs ideal for big gatherings.

Make your daughter’s next birthday the adventure she deserves. Call Redline Promotions today at 877-234-3163 to discuss what we can deliver.