Disney Princess Party Supplies – More Than a Theme

disney-princess-party-suppliesIs your daughter a Disney Princess at heart? If so, then Redline Promotions has exactly what you need to make her next birthday party a memorable hit. Our Disney Princess party supplies let her step into her role as royalty, surrounded by her favorite Disney characters. A Disney Princess party theme is an excellent way to give your little princess a day she’ll always remember.

At Redline Promotions, we cover all the bases when it comes to Disney Princess party supplies. We can provide you with all the necessary items to create a Disney Princess party theme in any location, from your home to a roller rink or bowling alley. From plates and cups to tablecloths, wall decorations, streamers and balloons, we’ve got it all.

Don’t stop there, though. If you really want to make your little princess’s big day a hit, then you should consider our range of Disney Princess themed inflatables. Our Disney Princess bounce house is ideal for up to 10 kids at a time, and if your daughter has a favorite, chances are good we have a specific bounce house for that, too. We even have Disney themed slides and obstacle courses, as well as other fun games and inflatable rentals to make sure that all of your guests are treated like royalty on your daughter’s big day.

Of course, you’ll need other birthday party supplies as well – tables and chairs for the adults, as well as a tent to provide shelter from the sun and elements if you’re hosting an outdoor party. Redline Promotions can handle all of your birthday party planning needs, from tents to food equipment to Disney Princess games. Contact us today at 877-234-3163 to learn more.