Add Fun, Activity and Engagement to Your Event with a Bouncy Castle Rental in Toronto

Whether you’re having a family gathering, a birthday party, a block party or something else, you can bet that there will be kids present. Kids need special activities to keep them engaged, happy and active. While the adults will usually be fine with food and a place to sit, kids need something else. A bouncy castle rental in Toronto will ensure that not only are all the kids at your next event kept occupied and happy, but that your event will be a true hit.

When you rent a bouncy castle in Toronto, you can choose from a wide array of styles, sizes and types. For instance, Redline Promotions is proud to offer Disney Princess bouncy castles, as well as Winnie the Pooh, the Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story bouncy castles and more. For those who want a bit more realism, our Knight’s Castle is just the thing. Or try our trigger bouncer for larger crowds. If you want to add even more fun, consider our inflated ball pond, which combines the fun of a ball pit with a bouncy castle rental in Toronto.

Of course, there’s more on offer than just the chance to rent a bouncy castle in Toronto for your event. We also offer inflatable slides, as well as obstacle courses and more. Our combo units bring together the fun of a bouncy castle and a slide for even more fun. Not quite enough for you? Redline Promotions also has game rentals for older kids who are either too self-conscious or too old to use the bouncy castle. Call us today at 877-234-3163.