The Many Options in Barney Party Supplies in Canada

barney-party-supplies-canadaWho doesn’t love Barney, the giant purple dinosaur? Most children know the lyrics to his show’s theme song by heart, and he’s a perennial favorite in many other children’s products, from books to sleeping bags to lunch boxes. You can even find Barney party supplies in Canada to make your child’s next birthday party a huge hit.

You’ll find a host of different Barney party supplies available, from the expected to the unique. There’s the standard run of supplies – cups, plates, streamers, novelty items, tablecloths and the like. Then there are balloons and other decorations. However, if you really want to ratchet up the excitement, let Redline Promotion supply you with the real deal – we partner with some of Canada’s leading talent in terms of costumed characters, and that includes Barney. Imagine the wonder and delight in your little one’s eyes when their favorite dinosaur shows up at their party in the flesh.

Redline Promotions can offer more than Barney party supplies in Canada, though. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of party and event rentals. If you’re considering having your little one’s party outside, why not consider our Barney bounce house? It’ll keep the party jumping for hours. Make sure to give the adults a cool place to relax with one of our tent rentals, too.

Contact Redline Promotions to speak with us about your child’s birthday, and how we can help you make it the best ever. From costumed characters to bounce houses and other party rentals, we have the options you need. Call 877-234-3163 today.