Elementary School Rentals


When planning a fundraiser for your local Elementary or Public School, it can be difficult to find oppourtunities to generate revenue for these events. Bake sale doesn’t seem to cut it, and the event is losing participation? Bring the crowds back by adding some great games and rides to your fundraiser. We have tons of satisfied schools that have been growing their event year after year and generating more and more funds for their school.

By adding some of our quality and clean inflatables and games you will draw the kids and their families back to your event. If you can’t do inflatables, we also have a multitude of games that are still available for your event needs. We can place rides indoors, or outdoors, on pavement or grass — we can cover any situation.

Call us today and talk to one of our professionally trained representatives, and see how we can transform your event from dull to exciting!

Take the burden off your busy schedule, and let us make you look good!

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